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Our Mission

How do we ensure that our patients are receiving the best care available? By customizing treatment plans based upon the patient’s specific problem(s), years of clinical experience and evidence based practice.

Life's Work Difference

The Life’s Work Difference is patient and result centric. Our office staff, physical therapists, and owner all believe in and deliver world class services for our patients. Life’s Work provides expert level care that is completely customized for every singe case we encounter. We’re passionate about evidence, data, expert level clinical skills, professional development of our team, mentorship, advanced certifications, pushing PT forward, solving complex patient problems better than any other clinical team. Focus on development of our clinical team allows us to do an expert job at differential diagnosis and treatment of complex patient cases. Our outstanding outcomes and detailed physical therapy research proves this.Learn More

Patient Highlight

Barbara Jennings

Barbara JenningsI’d like to take this opportunity to tell you what a difference you’ve made in my life. You helped me not only to regain some physical capabilities but also to find, and nurture, an acceptance of what this body of mine can reasonably do. I don’t feel that I go to a place of fear and panic when I get a flare of symptoms, but rather I have a sense that it can be managed …

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Dr. Highlight

Dr. David Hays – Greenfield Health

Dr David HaysI have been referring to them regularly for the past five years and am consistently impressed with their service, their clinical skills, their outcomes, and their communication. Most of my patients come back from physical therapy there raving both about their experience there and about the fact that their condition is much improved.

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For Patients

After treating thousands of backs, necks, knees, shoulders, etc., our expert level practitioners approach each patient with the same level of care as their first, knowing that the each one has the potential to present a challenge like they’ve never seen.

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For Companies

Whether a large multi state, multi year project or a one day education session, Life's Work is committed to helping you invest wisely in your employee's health and wellness, reduce injury/illness risk and identify programs that create a healthful productive work environment.

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For Physicians

Our culture is rooted in advanced education, providing a place for the best and brightest practitioners to become even better, even brighter. As a result, we push the practice of Physical Therapy forward, and our patients benefit most of all.

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